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Intelligent Workforce Development Solutions

"Grow an emotionally intelligent workforce, establish organizational resilience" 

- Dr. Sarah Spradlin, CEO & Founder

Become the Advantage

Assess your advantage

Grounded in an emotionally intelligent, multi-dimensional approach to performance and potential analysis.

Develop your advantage

The intersection where science meets the art of workforce training & development.

Become the advantage

Grow an emotionally intelligent workforce, establish organizational resilience.

The Vitruvian Advantage

The Vitruvian Advantage

We deliver functional workforce development solutions that empower our clients with the capabilities to efficiently and effectively identify, assess, and manage dynamic situations that produce optimal results for the individual, team, and the organization.

Why Us?

What sets us apart? From employee assessments, to executive coaching, workforce training initiatives, or  talent acquisition and succession planning initiatives, all of our services are grounded in the theory and more importantly the application of emotional intelligence!  

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